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Live Parties 

In Line With Covid 19 Guidelines

I’m pleased to say that I’m able to perform live, working in line with the UK Governments Covid 19 guidelines. 


Below is snapshot of the UK’s guidelines at time of writing (16/04/21) with respect to meeting socially.


From March 29th 2021:


Groups of six people allowed to meet outside and in private gardens.  Meaning myself as entertainer (1) plus 5 others giving a total of 6 persons.


From May 17th 2021:


Groups of up to 30 people allowed to meet outside and in private gardens.  


From June 21st 2021:


Government intends to remove all legal limits on social contact.


During lockdown I worked on putting a safe working practice in place for me to entertain at events for when lockdown periods end (as above).


When I am performing in the time period from 29th of March until 21st of June I will always be distanced by a minimum of 2 metres from any group I perform to.   Children will be asked to remain within a magic shape which I will place on the floor, all games take place within this magic shape and involve using it also.  All the equipment I bring to each party is sanitised before the event.


The parties still have active party games in the theme of your choice, there is still a wonderful magic show, there’s still bubbles, there’s still music and most importantly all my parties are still packed full of fun!  


I look forward to seeing you all again for live performances throughout the Spring and Summer.



Owner Of OlympiCubs