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Virtual Parties


Using state of the art production software and special effects, OlympiCubs parties are immersed in virtual environments only limited by your imagination!

It's been a great creative journey transforming and importing elements of my live performance into the virtual environment.

I've worked to ensure that each game and each piece of magic is interactive, packed full of fun and keeps the children engaged for the duration of the show.

I've hosted many virtual parties now from 3 to 9 years of age.  I plan and design each party myself ensuring that an exciting and memorable time is had for every age group I entertain to.


So how does it work?


  1. Once I have your booking confirmed I send through a unique Zoom link and password to the parents that booked me and only the parents that booked me.

  2. Parents can then send the invite link out to the guests they wish to invite.

  3. I ask parents for their little one’s likes and any particular music they enjoy listening to.

  4. I then start working on a games and party plan, just like I would do normally.  In short I tailor the party to your little ones likes and post a games and party plan to you via email before hand to read through.

  5. Up 30 minutes before the party starts, I let the birthday family into the Zoom meeting to let them know about all the fun I have planned.

  6. 5 minutes before start time I open the Zoom room to welcome guests to a bespoke waiting room. 

  7. I check with the birthday parents before starting that the correct people are present and then...... OFF WE GO!

  8. We start off with some awesome interactive games that I design myself to be played through the Zoom video call.

  9. This then leads into an amazing magic show, involving all of the guests and the birthday child.

  10. Finally I change the camera to the birthday family to sing “Happy Birthday” all together.  Then end with a great big “Best Dancer” disco, spotlighting the best family dancers on Zoom.


My virtual parties are priced at :

Single child party £100 and last for 1 hour.

Joint party (same age) £130 and last for 1 hour.  


Examples of my work can be found below.

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