Virtual Parties

With regards to our current environment and social distancing I have evolved OlympiCubs parties.  I can now host virtual parties via the Zoom application direct to your smart device and the best thing is they are still packed with loads of fun!!! 


So how does it work?


  1. Once I have your booking confirmed I send through a unique Zoom link and password to the parents that booked me and only the parents that booked me.

  2. Parents can then send the invite link out to the guests they wish to invite.

  3. I ask parents for their little one’s likes and any particular music they enjoy listening to.

  4. I then start working on a games and party plan, just like I would do normally.  In short I tailor the party to your little ones likes and post a games and party plan to you via email before hand to read through.

  5. Before the big day I arrange a Zoom meeting to make sure everything is working.

  6. On the party day I open the meeting room on Zoom 15 minutes before the party starts, so guests can arrive and chat with each other.

  7. I check with parents before starting that the correct people are present and then OFF WE GO!

  8. We start off with some fun interactive games that I design myself to be played through the Zoom video call.

  9. This then leads into a fantastic magic show, involving all of the guests and the birthday child.

  10. Finally I change the camera to the birthday family to sing “Happy Birthday” all together.  Then end with a great big “Best Dancer” disco, spotlighting the best family dancers on Zoom.


My virtual parties are priced at £100 and last for 1 hour.  


Want to know more?


Have a look at the video below, featuring one of my virtual parties that the parents kindly gave me permission to share.


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