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About OlympiCubs Parties 

Whatever your party theme OlympiCubs is on hand to tailor party games for it! 
Specialising in designing fun interactive party games for 3 to 9 years of age to the theme of your choice.  My games are a 30-40 minutes action packed, fun filled ride that have children immersed in the theme and their imagination.  
Once I have your party theme, I start to get to work designing the games and party plan.  I look to send the games and party plan through to my clients in the week leading up to the big day, so as they are aware exactly what I will be bringing to the party and can make any adjustments with me if needed.
On the party day itself I ensure I arrive at least 30 minutes before start time to set up and get ready.  I bring with me a sound system with party music and a bubble machine, so we can get the party rocking and bubbles popping!  For all parties that are inside I also bring disco lights as well, which add lots of light ambience to the venue.
As soon as guests arrive I'm there to entertain the children, spinning plates, performing close up magic and telling them all about the fun I have in store for the day.  When my clients are ready and guests have arrived, the games begin and lead into a fantastic magic show. 
The games and magic last for approximately 60 minutes and at this point it can be nice for a quick break for some party food and birthday cake.  Whilst children are eating I look to go join them at the table perform close up magic, or start balloon modelling depending on numbers. 
Where we are ready to sing "Happy Birthday", I'm on hand to gather all the children together to get ready to celebrate your little ones birthday in good voice!
After the food and birthday cake has finished, I begin balloon modelling for the children. Whilst I’m balloon modelling I have music and disco lights playing in the background and unleash some bubbles every now and then!
Near the end of the party for 5+ years I look to have fun disco dancing competition, dancing away to the latest pop songs and looking for the best dancers!  For 4 years old and under we end with a lovely interactive story.
Every party is different and tailored to exactly what you would like on the day.  As a trained and practising Early Years Professional, I bring to the party a wide range of techniques and props including puppets, story telling, dance and most importantly fun and laughter!
For a list of game theme ideas and venues, please click THEMES
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